Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The most versatile and effective system on the market Ellipse proudly introduces Nordlys – the most versatile platform ever produced, and the ultimate choice for treating vascular and pigmented lesions as well as hair removal. Using both laser and Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®), Nordlys by Ellipse allows you to meet patients’ increasing demands for aesthetic and dermatologic procedures with a single, versatile machine.

With the introduction of the new and unique sub-millisecond pulses, Ellipse has once again pushed the boundaries for what is possible to treat, allowing doctors to further expand treatment possibilities such as super thin telangiectasia and pink (residual) port wine stains.

Sub-millisecond pulse

The introduction of the new and truly unique sub-millisecond pulses allows you to treat lesions not previously     possible to treat, such as super thin telangiectasia and pink (residual) port wine stains.

6 Selective Waveband Applicators & the ND:YAG

The 6 unique Selective Waveband Technology applicators along with the ND:YAG is approved for 17 intended uses and offer fast and effective treatments. For example, an entire back can be treated with the HRL 600 applicator in less than 10 minutes.